The Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Orchestra Association, for its own orchestra called Mitteleuropa Orchestra, announces an audition aimed at offering permanent contracts with seasonal breaks (part-­‐time for the months of March, April, July, October, November and December) to Orchestra members for the following positions:

Principal Trumpet (1 position)
Third horn first, third and assistant(1 position)
Tutti Violin (3 positions)

The auditions are also open for the positions below, in order to create a list of merits to which the Artistic Director will refer, integrating it with the musicians on the list of merits of 14th June 2016, which is still in force, so that he might call extra players/substitutes when needed and in any month of the year, with “contratti a chiamata” (jobs on call). The list for temporary contracts will imply an eventual call after the permanent orchestra members have expressed their unavailability, when the event is realized outside the contractual period above.

• Tutti Violin
• Tutti Viola
• Tutti Cello
• Tutti Double Bass
• Second Flute (Piccolo optional)
• Second Oboe (Eng Horn optional)
• Second Clarinet (E-­‐flat clarinet and Bass cl. optional)
• Second Bassoon (Contrabassoon optional)
• Assistant Horn
• Second Trumpet
• Trombone
• Bass Trombone
• Timpani
• Percussion
• Tuba


Download PDF form more details.

Audition Mitteleuropa Orchestra

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